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Catalyst Endurance Coaching (CEC), a specialty division of Rehab United Sports Performance Center, based in San Diego, CA, specializes in designing comprehensive, progressive and individualized endurance training programs. CEC's unparalleled integration of applied functional science and sport-specific training maximizes your athletic potential while minimizing injury risk. The coaches at CEC recognize the fact that EVERYONE is an athlete (from walk-joggers to Boston qualifiers) and we embrace the opportunity to accelerate change in your life – let our endurance training programs be the catalyst to your first race, a new PR, or your best season yet!

Catalyst Endurance Coaching is dedicated to providing professional coaching to athletes of all levels. CEC strives to:

  1. Establish an exceptional benchmark for endurance sport training that reflects sport-specific, functional, and health-conscious decisions.
  2. Integrate physical therapy, strength and conditioning, exercise physiology and periodization techniques to create endurance conditioning programs that maximize athletic potential while minimizing injury risk.
  3. Develop comprehensive, progressive programs based on the principles of applied functional science for athletes of all ability levels entering endurance sports, returning to endurance sports, or accomplishing new achievements in endurance sports.

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