Bryan Hill

USA Cycling Level III Coach
Physical Therapist
Fellow of Applied Functional Science

image Bryan has been a physical therapist in the San Diego community since 1998. Bryan received his Bachelor's degree in Physical Therapy and Health Sciences from the University of New England where he was a 4 year All-American in Men’s Soccer. He is a current member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). Bryan’s goal with Rehab United is to change lives through functional physical therapy and performance enhancement for the San Diego community. Rehab United and its partners are the means by which that goal can become a reality.

Under the mentorship of many great San Diego therapists he was able to gain a substantial understanding of evaluation and treatment via manual rehabilitation. He has further progressed as a skilled therapist using the most recent rehabilitation techniques through functional biomechanics. Applying the skills learned through a close professional and personal relationship with renowned therapist Gary Gray, Bryan completed a year-long fellowship called GIFT in 2007 as a member and facilitator of the inaugural class. The Gray Institute for Functional Transformation (GIFT) is designed to enable participants to achieve proficiency, competence, confidence, and credibility in all aspects of Applied Functional Science through an understanding of functional principles, strategies, and techniques appropriate for use with patients and clients of all types and for all purposes including prevention, rehabilitation, and performance enhancement. As a facilitator, and graduate fellow, Bryan not only is an active member in the fellowship curriculum, but is instrumental in the development, progression, and mentorship of other fellows!

Through his experience, along with his brother Sean, he was able to focus on creating Rehab United Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy, Inc. Rehab United is a one of a kind environment for rehabilitation, physical therapy, and recovery of human function. There is a strong emphasis on a family practice; building Rehab United with his brother Sean Hill, who also created the pediatric division of Rehab United, Therapeeds Pediatric Physical Therapy Services TM, and treating with a philosophy that stands alone in the community. The Hills are finally fulfilling their dream of bringing a facility that is all encompassing and built on principals to the San Diego region. Bryan is also well known for his expertise in sport specific rehabilitation and strength training working with many Olympic, professional, and semi-professional athletes through rehabilitation and sports performance training.

Bryan was the head strength and conditioning coach for the San Diego Arsenal Football Club from 1999-2004. He serves as one of the rehabilitation and strength consultants for Poway High School Men's Lacrosse, the Albion Soccer Club, and has been a speed coach for Pro Select Soccer. Specializing in biomechanics, Bryan is able to work with all athletes of any sport. He regularly trains AVP pro volleyball tour athletes, high school Baseball, Lacrosse, Hockey, Track, Cross-Country, Tennis, and Football traveling teams, amateur/professional dancers, marathoners and triathletes and many more

Since the inception of CEC-Bryan has focused on training triathletes of all levels. Working with the premier athletes such as Lesley Paterson, Beth Walsh, James Walsh, Kristin Mayer, Brandon Mills, and many others has enable Bryan to develop very successful training programs. These programs range from the intensive 20-40 hours per week to the hard working athletes that is trying to squeeze in an 1 hour 3-4 times a week. Bryan’s extensive knowledge of the human body allows him to keep his athletes healthy throughout the long triathlon/running season and includes injury prevention and strength and conditioning in all of his programs.

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