Brian Wilson

USA Cycling Level II Coach
Physical Therapist

image While in graduate school, I applied the principles of physical therapy to my three favorite things: cycling, running, and swimming (in no particular order, of course). In doing so, I was able to create training plans that cut out junk miles and focused only on the higher quality training that was needed to assure success. This allowed me to stay strong and injury-free without wasting time overtraining. My method quickly became popular with my colleagues as I was able to finish school, hold a full time job, and remain competitive amongst the elite/pro athletes.

I pride myself on my creative approach to endurance training that allows all athletes, regardless of ability, to achieve their goals while emphasizing hard work, fun, and injury prevention. I hope to assist with improving the standards at which coaches are measured against in the field by incorporating the principles of physical therapy into each of my athlete's training plans. Pulling from my therapy techniques and success in competition, I will better prepare my athletes for the demands of their events and get them across the finish line smiling.

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