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Whether you compete as a professional, intermediate, beginner or first-timer, you deserve exceptional coaching. Catalyst Endurance Coaching (CEC) employs professionals with extensive education in human biomechanics, functional strength and conditioning, periodization, and endurance program design. Our coaches instill the core principles of smart, quality training into their athletes and demonstrate these principles by competing in endurance sports themselves.

CEC coaches design detailed conditioning programs unique to each athlete – our unparalleled integration of applied functional science and sport-specific training maximizes athletic potential while minimizing injury risk. Most importantly, we recognize the fact that everyone has a life outside of sports; thus, our programs reflect balance, hectic schedules and individual priorities.

Our coaching process begins with an evaluation that includes a discussion about your training and racing goals. We use the word "discussion" to signify a relationship that will thrive when both parties agree on the best way to get to the finish line. As coaches, we must understand the "why" behind your training intentions, and as athletes, you must understand the "how" behind our program design. After establishing goals, your CEC coach will implement a program that fits your schedule, addresses your needs and wastes no time.

Every new CEC athlete also has the opportunity to receive a thorough evaluation performed by a licensed physical therapist. The evaluation identifies physical impairments (or "weak links in the kinetic chain") which may impede athletes from reaching their potential and achieving their goals.

The coaches at CEC embrace the opportunity to accelerate change in your life – let our endurance training programs be the catalyst to your first race, a new PR, or your best season yet!!

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