Jena Walther

USA Cycling Level 1 Coach
Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

image My life as a competitive inline speed skater helped steer me into a performance coaching career. I speed skated competitively from the time I was nine to until I began graduate school. I was lucky enough to get picked up by a major sponsor at age 15 and travel the country for competition. I competed in nearly all distances from 500m to marathon; however, track racing was my specialty.

I picked up most of my knowledge about pack racing, team strategy, and mental toughness during my time as a professional racer. I learned much of the science behind human performance in college, where I completed a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology. I also gained experience helping athletes improve performance working as a strength and conditioning coach. As an endurance coach, I combine prior race experience with physiological and functional strength training principles to help endurance athletes compete at a higher level, and reach their true athletic potential.