Coaching Packages (Monthly)

  • Each package includes an initial goal-setting session to construct your race schedule and training plan as well as a functional evaluation to assess mechanics, strength and flexibility
  • Your coach will utilize TrainingPeaks software to regularly send you a customized, detailed training program
  • Registration Fee - $60 (6 months), $100 (1 year)
  • Charges will recur on a monthly basis for the duration of your training


Additional Options:

  • Weekly RU Sports Performance Center Class* - $20/month (Silver package or greater)
  • Nutrition Counseling Session (with Registered Sports Dietitian) - $50
  • 1-on-1 Session (evaluation, coached workout, personal training) - $80
  • Biomechanical Analysis (Swim, Bike, Run) - $80 (per hour)
  • VO2 Max Testing - Available Soon!
  • Body Composition Testing - $50
  • Sports Massage - $70 (per hour)

*Class Calendar Available Online (Try any class for FREE)

"Buddy" Training Available - Training for the same event with a friend? Get 2 coaching packages for the price of 1.5!

Cycling Packages - Contact Brian Wilson

Team CEC (Group Training)

Call 858-279-5570 to set up a consultation